Degdeg:- Axmed Karaash iyo Ciidan uu wato oo kusoo wajahan deegaan dhawaan ay la wareegeen Alshabaab.

Madaxweyne ku-xigeenka Puntland Axmed Cilmi Cismaan (Karaash) iyo waftii uu hoggaaminayo ayaa safar aan hore lo sii shaacin ku tegay gobolka Bari ee Puntland.

Madaxweyne ku-xigeenka iyo waftigiisa oo waqti kooban ku hakaday degmada Carmo ee gobolka Bari, halkaasi oo ay la kulmeen masuuliyiinta degmada iyo odoyaasha.Waxaa la filayaa in Madaxweynuhu la kulmo Saraakiisha iyo ciidamada kal duwan ee Puntland ee ku sugan gobolka Bari.

Magaaladda Bosaso, waxaa muddooyinkii u dambeeyay ku sugnaa Wasiirka Amniga Puntland C/samad Galan iyo taliyaha Ciidamada Booliiska Puntland Gen Muxiyadiin Axmed Muuse.

Booqashada madaxweyne ku-xigeenka Puntland ayaa ku soo beegmaysa iyadoo cutubyo ka tirsan ciidamada daraawiishta ay soo faarujiyeen degaanka Af-urur, halkaasi oo la wareegeen ururka Alshabaab.


  1. Governance not guided by vision and purpose always ever ends up too costly and a self-defeating exercise. Seeing Puntland’s president or his second in command wandering aimlessly at places that do not befit their highest offices in the land due to administrative failures is really depressing. Another story I glimpsed on another site mentioned that the president is expected to intervene in a dispute involving high ranking officers in the armed forces. I found it both bemusing and confusing. Should there not be an effective judicial system in the state to settle such disputes – both civic and defense? Or independent tribunals?

    One wonders whether the Puntland leadership and parliament ever revise the constitution or do more research in order to introduce more modern and effective policies on governance and state administration because it seems as if they are still making do with the relics of the old military regime that collapsed back in 1991. Is anyone in high office ever really actively engaged in modernizing Puntland’s governing structures as they seem stuck in completely outdated and irrelevant practices? I do not see any connection between the leadership, parliament, and academia in Puntland; should its academics not be at the heart of Puntland’s consultative strategy to provide appropriate advice and guidance to the administration on policies and all matters of governance?

    The contradiction between Puntland’s huge productivity and economic potential and its relatively deficient national wealth is quite shocking indeed. One wonders what on earth its leadership is preoccupied with if it is not engaged in the planning and execution of the state’s productivity and economic strategy. Another hidden danger which seems apparent in both the incumbent president and his predecessor’s economic approach is that they are married to the idea of liberal economics thus disengaging the state from spearheading public investment. This should alarm every Puntlander.

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